KOLD CARES: Teaching kindness to kids with the Ben’s Bells project

Ben's Bells mosaic

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - You can find it on bumper stickers, all over downtown Tucson and on school walls — not just in southern Arizona, but across the country.

It’s one simple message: Be Kind.

KOLD News 13 partnered with United Healthcare to support the Ben’s Bells initiative at two Tucson schools.

Last month, kids at Grijalva and Ochoa elementary schools created a collection of small handmade tiles and learned how they can create a powerful message.

At Grijalva, teacher Polly Schinstock teaches things her students can’t learn from a book.

“They do a thing called Thankful Thursdays, where they write a kind letter to someone in school who has done something for them,” Schinstock said.

Through Thankful Thursdays and the Ben’s Bells initiative, the students shared what kindness means to them.

Each tile reflects their own imagination and values.

“They can affect more than one person just by doing one kind act,” Schinstock said.

Schinstock helped build the mosaic outside Grijalva Elementary on Thursday alongside her students.

The goal of the mosaic is simple: When kids leave the classroom, they’re reminded that being kind can help make the world a little brighter.

The new mosaic can be found outside Grijalva and Ochoa elementary schools.

The KOLD News 13 team and United Healthcare teamed up both days to help construct them and preach kindness to each kid.

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