Tucson business owner praises Ducey’s order to close salons, barbershops

Business owner praises Ducey's order to close salons, barbershops

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Gov. Doug Ducey ordered all barbershops, hair and nail salons to close by 5 p.m. April 4. The announcement came as a relief to some Tucson hair salon owners, who questioned how to stay safe while working with clients.

“How are you supposed to protect yourself, your family and everybody that comes in?” said Heavenly Hair Salon owner Susanne Montfort.

She stopped accepting new clients and worried about the risk she was taking by staying open. Montfort said she debated about closing before today's announcement, but without a mandated closure, she said she couldn't get any financial help if she voluntarily shut down.

"The stylists are all wearing masks because we're talking to our clients," Montfort said. "We're twelve inches from their head and it all makes it very difficult."

The governor was asked how social distancing was possible at places such as a hair salon during Thursday night's town hall.

“What I said is, we focused on shutting down as much as we could of these issues to slow that spread,” Gov. Ducey said during the town hall. “If there’s additional guidance that’s necessary because those services are not covered under the order.”

Ducey changed direction Friday, ordering all salons, barbershops, tanning salons, spas, tattoo and massage parlors to close by Saturday evening.

Montfort said she no longer has to worry about her clients or employees getting sick at the salon.

“We’re going to be well,” she said. “Instead of getting sick and being out for long because we’re ill.”

She's hopeful to get help from her landlord now that hair salons must close.

“We’re mandated to close so they’ll help me with my lease.”

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