Tucson DJ keeps the party going online as fans maintain social distance

Tucson DJ keeps the party going online

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - People around the world have turned to technology to ease the burden of social distancing. Some are going one step further by using social media to promote positivity.

Local DJ and founder of Deejays Against Hunger, an organization to help Tucson's homeless community, Jahmar Anthony, known as DJ Jahmar is performing in an empty club and livestreaming the concerts on Instagram for people to watch from home.

"I just closed my eyes and pretended that there were a lot of people in here and I just went to a vibe," he said. "That's what a lot of people say they like about it, because I'm not just DJing, I'm sitting there talking on the mic and interacting with people."

DJ Jahmar said DJs across the country started doing virtual concerts and his friends thought he should try it out. He was skeptical of the idea at first.

"I was like alright, I'll try it out and it took off," he said. "It was crazy."

More than 500 people watched his first Instagram-live concert last weekend. The was concert was set to last from 8 to 11 p.m. but went on until 1 a.m.

"I had celebrities like Safari from Love and Hip Hop, Chris Brown tuned in, a bunch of other DJs and fans." he said. "It was really nice to feel the love and see that people miss music.

DJ Jahmar has received plenty of positive reactions and plans to continue performing every Saturday night on Instagram-live until social distancing is over.

"People right now just need positive people, positive thinking," said Andreas Johnson, DJ Jahmar's friend and a fellow DJ.

Viewers can comment on the livestream video to communicate with each other and with DJ Jahmaras he DJs.

"You can ask him to play what you haven't heard, maybe you need some old school or maybe you need some 80s," said Phonenix resident Rod Smith. "Maybe you just need something new to motivate you to clean the house for the 150th time."

Tucson resident Veronika Duarte said the concerts give her something to look forward to and allows people to socialize without leaving home.

"It gives me a sense of normalcy and I get to interact with the people that I normally would only see on the weekends," she said.

DJ Jahmar said he hopes the concerts allow people to practice social distancing while also having fun.

“This isn’t going to last forever but it’s here for now so lets just make the best of it now.”

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