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25 May 2019


FeatureGames that ask: what are cities?

From Pocket City to Sandcastles.

24 May 2019


PUBG patch notes: what's new in update 29

The changes and tweaks in PUBG update #29.


PUBG Erangel map: vehicles, best start locations and Erangel map strategies

Everything you need to know about the original PUBG map, Erangel.


PUBG Vikendi map: vehicles, size, best start locations and snow map strategies

All you need to know about the PUBG snow map, Vikendi.


PUBG loot locations - where to find the best loot on all maps

Where to find the best loot in PUBG, on every map.


PUBG weapons damage stats - MP5K stats, damage chart and the best weapons in PUBG

Hard stats and our own rankings for PUBG's best weapons and their damage.


Fortnite Utopia secret Battle Star locations from each loading screen

How to find Utopia locations and their secret Battle Stars in Fortnite.

23 May 2019


Dreamfall dev's beautiful "fjord noir mystery” Draugen is out next week

PC first, "later this year" on Xbox One and PS4.


All remaining Telltale Games series will be gone from GOG next week

UPDATE: 2K working to get Tales from the Borderlands back on Steam.


Valve will make its own, standalone version of Dota Auto Chess mod

While mod makers focus on new version with Dota stripped out.


Fortnite Flying Disc Catch: How to throw the Flying Disc Toy and catch it before it lands

How to throw - and catch - the Flying Disc Toy in Fortnite.

22 May 2019


Fortnite Two Food Trucks location: Where to Dance between two Food Trucks explained

Where to find the Two Food Trucks in the Downtown Drop mode.


Fortnite Challenges for Week 3, Challenge reset times explained

Everything you need to know about Weekly Challenges in Fortnite.


THQ Nordic acquires... Gothic creator Piranha Bytes

Sounds like Elex 2 is in the works.

21 May 2019


Digital FoundryRage 2 PC analysis: what does it take to run at 1080p60 and beyond

The hardware required to match and exceed PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.


Free-to-play Monster-Hunter-like Dauntless gets full launch next week

UPDATE: Cross-platform at launch on PC, PS4, Xbox One.


Dauntless patch notes: What's new in update 0.8.0

The changes and tweaks in the latest Dauntless patch.


Digital FoundryBest gaming mouse 2019: Digital Foundry's picks for the best wired and wireless gaming mice

Updated May 2019 with the best mice for all budgets, game genres and hand sizes.


Dauntless release time on PS4, Xbox and PC, plus Dauntless crossplay, Switch and mobile versions explained

Find out when you can get your hands on Dauntless's full launch on consoles and PC.


Digital FoundryBest gaming keyboard 2019: Digital Foundry's picks

Leading mechanical and non-mechanical keyboards tested.

20 May 2019


Ubisoft considering The Division 2 raid difficulty tweaks

As players finally beat the raid on console three days after launch.


Mario Kart Tour beta dates, beta access on Android explained

Everything you need to know about playing Mario Kart's mobile beta test.

19 May 2019


Overwatch's Anniversary event returns this week

Week-long free trial kicks off on Tuesday 21st May.

18 May 2019


Borderlands 3 pre-order pulled from Epic Games store amid Mega Sale kerfuffle

UPDATE: 2K says it will honour games bought during sale price.


Controversial Skyrim Together mod reemerges with nightly builds as developers reveal death threats

"We know that you are most likely trying to help, but this isn't helping…"


FeatureWhere video games and ASMR converge

"Ultimately, we're one community."

17 May 2019


Lords of the Fallen 2 ditches developer and hits the ropes again

CI Games and Defiant Studios at loggerheads.

16 May 2019


Fortnite John Wick event: How to get Gold Coins in Wick's Bounty

"Be seeing you." Here's what the John Wick event in Fortnite entails.


Fortnite oversized Phone, big Piano, and giant Dancing Fish Trophy locations

Where to find the location between the Fortnite oversized Phone, big Piano, and giant Dancing Fish Trophy in Fortnite.

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