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Formal Hairstyles for Men
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Formal Hairstyles for Men
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Formal Hairstyles for Men

Your Cheat Sheet to Pulling Off an Incredible Hairstyle for Any Occasion

When it comes to a formal occasion, your hairstyle should have just as much consideration as your outfit. The hair on your head should complement your overall look, not diminish it.

But when it comes time to look suave, choosing the perfect formal hairstyle can be a daunting task for some men, especially if they aren’t quite sure what to do with it.?

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Styling your hair is different for every guy as we all have different hair textures and lengths. While some men like to play around with a natural look, others tend to go for a more well-groomed appearance that a pair of clippers or scissors can help to achieve. For instance, men with shorter hair opting for a taper cut or fade can bring out your classier side, while those with long hair can add a few products to their hair to amplify texture, slick back the hair, or put it in a bun to have a well-polished hairstyle.

No matter which look you decide to go with, remember to keep it appropriate for the occasion. To help you look your best at your next formal event, we chose a few of our favorite formal hairstyles for men that are best represented by some very famous men in Hollywood (including?a step-by-step process to help you style it, too).

Slick Back (as seen on Colin Farrell)

Colin Farrell

Actor Colin Farrell has his hair slicked back with grooming paste or gel to ensure it stays in place. This is a popular look among men for an effortless formal hairstyle.?

How to Style:

  • Wash your hair and towel dry until it's damp.?

  • Apply a good amount of product to your hair and evenly distribute it.

  • Comb the hair words to the back of your head. This step will give you the slick-back look that you want.

  • Let your hair dry naturally or use a blow dryer.

  • After the hair is dried, you can decide if you would like to add more product to your hair, depending on how firm you want your hair to be.

The Pompadour (as seen on Tan France)

Fashion designer and TV personality Tan France always keeps his hair swept upwards in the classic pompadour hairstyle. To achieve this formal look, it's all about giving your hair the perfect amount of volume.

Tan France

How to Style:

  • Start with towel-dry hair and blow-dry your hair with a vent brush combing your hair up and back to give it volume.?

  • Once your hair is dry, take a dime-size amount of paste or pomade and work it through your hair. Don’t use too much as this will weigh your hair down.

  • Next, take a brush and push the hair back on the side and straight up on top to shape the pompadour.?

  • You can add more product to your hair if it isn’t slicking back properly.

  • After you have the desired height of your hair and the pompadour styled in place to your liking, finish off the hair with some hairspray.

Comb Over (as seen on George Clooney)

An icon for various reasons, George Clooney has been styling his hair in the traditional comb over look for years. It’s a classic hairstyle for many men because it doesn’t require much maintenance.?

George Clooney

How to Style:

  • Comb your hair forward and set your side part.

  • Once you have your part, brush the hair to the opposite side.?

  • Apply product to your hair from root to tip.

  • Then comb your hair away from the part while pushing it back slightly to add more volume.

  • To ensure that your hair doesn’t move, use hairspray. It also comes in handy to add some shine to your hair.

Short Quiff (as seen on?Liam Hemsworth)

Australia native Liam Hemsworth is rocking the modern short quiff hairstyle. It’s a great hairstyle for men who have short hair and are looking for something a little more natural.

Liam Hemsworth

How to Style:

  • Make sure your hair is clean but not stripped of its natural oils. Your quiff will look better with the more texture it has.?

  • Apply product to your hair.

  • Run your fingers through your hair, styling it upwards for a classy and textured style.?

Bald (as seen on?Terry Crews)

Terry Crews has been rocking the bald head look for many, many years. It's a classy look for any guy who is starting to notice a receding hairline, hair loss, or pattern baldness.?

Terry Crews

How to Style:

  • Cut down your hair as short as possible with a pair of clippers.

  • Cleanse your hair.

  • Prep your scalp before shaving the remaining hair on your head. Apply some pre-shave oil to your scalp, which will act as an extra layer of protection before using a razor on your head to prevent ingrown hair or razor burns.?

  • Apply shaving cream to your scalp.

  • Shave your head.

  • Rinse your head with cold water to close your pores. Next, apply a thin layer or aftershave or post-shave balm.??

The Fade (as seen on?Jamie Foxx)

The fade is an incredibly versatile hairstyle that works well with men who have either?short or long hair. Actor Jamie Foxx opted for a low taper fade here that comes off as both?stylish and formal, making it a haircut for men of all ages.

Jamie Foxx

How to Style:

  • Apply your favorite product in your hair to add moisture.

  • Brush your hair to the direct grain (same direction as your hair grows) to make sure it lays down for the day.

Line Up (as seen on?Pharrell Williams)

Musician Pharrell Williams has a clean and sophisticated line-up haircut that highlights his facial features. It’s the perfect low-maintenance haircut for guys who love to keep their hair short.?

Pharrell Williams

How to Style:

  • Apply your favorite product in your hair to add moisture.

  • Brush your hair to the direct grain (same direction as your hair grows) to make sure it lays down for the day.

Natural Look (as seen on Anderson Cooper)

Everyone's favorite silver fox is known for his naturally groomed hairstyle. You can always catch Anderson Cooper?sporting the timeless hairstyle whether he’s on-air or out attending an A-lister event.?

Anderson Cooper

How to Style:

  • Apply a small amount of product to your hair.

  • Brush your hair in a light motion while trying to keep everything in place.

Side Part (as seen on?Joe Manganiello)

Joe Manganiello, husband to the always stunning Sofia Vergara,?has his hair slicked down with a side part. The side part is a formal hairstyle for men with short to medium-length hair.?

Joe Manganiello

How to Style:

  • Apply product to your hair from root to tip.

  • Comb your hair forward and in the direction that you want your side part to be. Keep combing your hair until a line is defined, revealing your scalp.

  • Next, you need to separate hairs along the line of your part.

  • Then comb your hair away from the part and style the sides as desired.?

  • Finish the hair with some hairspray to ensure it will stay in place.

Textured Medium Length (as seen on Harry Styles)

Singer Harry Styles has his medium-length hair styled in a textured look to create volume and curls. The shoulder-length hairstyle is great for guys with much thicker hair than the average guy.

Harry Styles

How to Style:

  • Apply a small amount of product to your hair to control the frizz.

  • Run your hands through your hair or use a brush to define your hair texture.

  • It’s all about using as much of your natural curls or hair texture as possible.

Man Bun (as seen on?Jared Leto)

Jared Leto has been growing his hair out for some time now. Whenever the Academy Award winner?goes the more?formal route, he often rocks a man bun. It’s a go-to hairstyle for guys with long hair looking to take on something different than just letting their locks flow past their shoulders.??

Jared Leto

How to Style:

  • Apply product to the hair to weigh it down. It will make it easier to tie.

  • Move all of your hair forward while cupping the hair at the back.?

  • Once you have all of your hair in your dominant hand, take a hairband and tie it around your hair.?

  • Loop it once for a looser fit and twice for a tighter fit.?

  • Position the bun into your desired fit.

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