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Reebok Unveils the FloatZig 1 Running Shoes
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Reebok Unveils the FloatZig 1 Running Shoes

Reebok Unveils the FloatZig 1 Running Shoes

A Brand-New Running Sneaker From Reebok? The Hype Is Real

You don't have to be a runner or a sneakerhead to know that when a storied shoemaker releases an entirely new model, it's — pardon our language — a BFD. That's what happened on Friday, when Reebok announced the upcoming release of a brand new running shoe, the FloatZig 1, available for purchase beginning on April 4th. 

First off, this is a case of love at first sight. The FloatZig 1 is gorgeous, showcasing some truly striking deign elements that combine classic sneaker styling with the latest-and-greatest materials in a way that is guaranteed to turn heads, whether you're wearing them on a run or out on an errand.

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But these shoes are so much more than their appearance. With the FloatZig 1, Reebok set out to create a running shoe with mass appeal, something that could convert running skeptics into running fanatics. They did that by making the shoe as springy and comfortable as possible, while still keeping the weight down. Take it from Reebok President and CEO Todd Krinsky: “By combining our award-winning Floatride Energy Foam cushioning designed for the elite runner with our unique outsole shape, we created a running shoe that offers premium support and comfort, all while being unique, bold, and stylish.”

The idea was to create a shoe that works with your stride, helping to return as much energy as possible into forward momentum, making this shoe suitable for experienced runners but extremely friendly to anyone new to the sport. 

In addition to the Floatride Energy Foam, these shoes feature an engineered mesh upper that simultaneously enhances breathability and visibility, thanks to strategically placed reflective overlays, as well as reinforced midfoot panels for added support. Finally, targeted foam panels on the tongue and collar help eliminate chafing and hot spots, sparing your skin. Most impressive of all, though, is that Reebok managed to include all of these comfort-enhancing features while keeping the shoe below 10 ounces in weight.

You'll be able to purchase the FloatZig 1 ($130) in stores and online, in multiple colorways, beginning on April 4th, while distance and marathon runners will be able to opt for a companion model, the FloatZig Symmetros ($150), specifically engineered for the greater support and stability required on longer runs. 

If you're looking to pick up running as a hobby in 2024, or if you know a friend who needs that little extra bit of encouragement to start racking up the miles, the FloatZig 1 is a phenomenal first running shoe.

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