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Lovehoney Future Sex 2030 Competition Offers $5,000 Prize for Toy Design
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Lovehoney Future Sex 2030 Competition Offers $5,000 Prize for Toy Design

Lovehoney Future Sex 2030 Competition Offers $5,000 Prize for Toy Design

Want to Win Some Cash? Just Come Up With a Cool Sex Toy Idea

Looking for a way to earn some quick cash? Well, forget enterting the lottery because Lovehoney’s Future Sex 2030 competition is now accepting entries, and you can win a cool $5,000 just by coming up with the world's next great sex toy.

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And if you think this is some bogus ploy, think again. Ever heard of the Sqweel? You know, the spinning wheel of soft, silicone tongues that looks like the world's naughtiest bubble tape dispenser? Artist Trevor Murphy is the creative genius behind that design, and he and Lovehoney together have managed to sell thousands upon thousands of the iconic sex toy so far. Murphy's share of the take? Nearly half a million dollars in royalties.

According to a recent press release, the Future Sex 2030 contest is all about the future of sex play. Think more realistic, swanky sci-fi and less boring, traditional fake c*cks in a future in which ecstasy and romance reigns supreme.

A panel of sexual health experts will be judging the entries, so make sure your design is innovative, effective and totally orgasmic. Don’t feel like you need to rush on this sexified blueprint, either — this contest doesn't close until February 21, 2020. No sweat, right? One judge, Francisco Ramirez, can't wait to see the submissions, gushing over the excitement of it all in recent statements.

“I jumped at the chance to be a judge this year, I love the idea of being able to have a hand in helping shape the future of sexual happiness and sexual health,” said Ramirez. “Lovehoney is doing great things for the future of sex technology and I can’t wait to see what amazing designs are in store!”

As for the categories of these submissions, there are three: students, professional designers and the public. Make sure you submit to the most appropriate category in order to avoid disqualification, and remember that creativity is key here. Bringing erotic dreams to life is something of a specialty for Lovehoney, the company having previously produced the world's first bionic dildo and BlowYo, a mindbending blowjob simulator.

“This competition opens the door for almost anyone to shape the future of sexual happiness since you don't need to be an engineer or a professional designer to enter,” said Lovehoney product director Bonny Hall of the Future Sex 2030 competition. “All we need is a great idea and a rough sketch so that our team can make your sex toy become a reality.”

Partially aroused and interested at the same time? Submit your entry and see if your design truly is the future of sex. If so, $5,000 (and bedroom bragging rights) could be yours.

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