Monsoon 2019

  Arizona Attorney General warns of scammers after heavy storms

The BBB and Attorney General’s office are urging people to make sure their contractor has a license.

American Red Cross aids 15 residents affected in heavy rainstorm

Tips to keep pets cool as temperatures rise

  LIST: Sandbag locations across southern AZ

  Lightning strikes orthodontist office on Tucson’s east side

  Monsoon rain leads to rescues across Tucson

  UPDATE: Young boy safe after falling into flooded Alamo Wash

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  Monsoon 2019: How to report storm damage in your neighborhood

Tucson photographer chases lightning

  Monsoon brings more than rain to the desert; it brings bugs, too

Wash maintenance a year-round task for Pima County

  How to stay cool during summer’s relentless heat wave

  New to Tucson? Here’s how to stay safe while enjoying our desert landscape

Several rescued from stranded car on Tucson’s southwest side

Three people were rescued from a car stranded in rushing water Saturday on Tucson’s southwest side.

Would you know if your pet was having a heatstroke?

Pets cannot tell you when they are experiencing signs of heat exposure, so it’s important for you to know the symptoms.

  Data making a difference: Tracking lightning around the world in Tucson

The U.S. National Lightning Detection Network tracks flashes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Monsoon 2019: County wants your input on flooding

Survey will help improve public safety.

Pima County Transportation is prepared for Monsoon 2019

  TDOT, Pima Flood District teaming up to improve flood control ahead of Monsoon

  Monsoon 2019: Surviving The Storm

  Lisa Villegas’ forecast for Monsoon 2019

  Summerhaven community remembers Aspen Fire 16 years later

  ADEQ, others working to find solution to dust storms

  Taking a look at the wildfire chances this Monsoon

Instead of waiting to react, there are things you can do now to prevent a wildfire from spreading near you. That includes cleaning the brush around your home, putting out any bonfires while camping and not tossing out lit cigarettes.

  Predicting dust storms could help save lives

Researchers at the University of Arizona hope a portable wind tunnel they created can help piece together when dust storms will pick up during the Monsoon.

How to track streamflow in Tucson-area rivers, washes

Gauges help emergency personnel predict potential flooding.

Authorities practice swift water rescues ahead of Monsoon

As the washes and rivers around Tucson fill up with monsoon waters, first responders must be ready for the worst.

  Arizona teen living life to the fullest after surviving lightning strike

Fourteen people have died from lightning strikes in Arizona since 2008 according to the National Weather Service, and Wiedman came close to being number 15.

Turn around, don’t drown! Avoid flooded roads

Only 12 inches of rushing water is needed to push a small car off the road.

  Northwest Fire adds new tool for rescue teams

The drone with take NWFD's emergency response to new heights.

Monsoon 101: The Inverted Trough

The inverted troughs that reach eastern Mexico travel west over the country with the tip of the inverted trough sometimes close enough to southern Arizona to increase afternoon storm chances.

Monsoon 101: Wet Microbursts

Wet microbursts typically happen in late July and August, leaving flooding and damage in their wake.

Monsoon 101: Gulf Surges

Gulf surges help enhance rainfall in Arizona. Here's how they form.

Monsoon 101: Funnel clouds and monsoon storms

Monsoon storms can sometimes spawn funnel clouds. Here's why and how.

Monsoon 101: Mogollon Rim Storms

Here's how some of the most destructive Monsoon storms form.

Monsoon 101: Tornado? NO! It’s a Gustnado!

A gustnado forms with the help of gusty storm winds blowing out ahead of the storm.

Monsoon 101: Madden-Julian Oscillation

The MJO originates in the Indian Ocean and then travels east, across the Pacific Ocean.

Monsoon 101: What is the ‘Stupid Motorist Law’?

What is this law and how did it get its nickname?

Monsoon 101: Dry microbursts and the damage they can do

Microbursts are common in southern Arizona during the Monsoon.

Monsoon 101: Arizona Haboobs

Learn about these mammoth dust storms that can encompass entire metro areas in minutes, all started from monsoon storms!

Monsoon 101: What causes the monsoon?

To begin the North American monsoon, there needs to be two key features in place in the atmosphere.

Monsoon 101: Why do we say ‘monsoon’

Monsoon is derived from the Arabic word "emmausim/em" which means...

Monsoon 101: Lightning safety

Here are some precautions you can take to minimize your risk

Create defensible space around your home before fire season

A defensible space is an area around a building in which vegetation, debris, and other types of combustible fuels have been treated, cleared, or reduced to slow the spread of fire to and from the building.

ADOT: ‘Pull Aside, Stay Alive’ dust storm driving tips, reminders

Drivers should remember ADOT’s “Pull Aside, Stay Alive” campaign.

How to keep critters out of your home during monsoon

Pest experts recommend strategic and active planning to try and avoid bugs finding a way into your home.

Firefighters remind residents, alert tourists to triple-digit dangers

Northwest Fire District shares simple rules to follow in the summer heat.

Did you know leaving a water bottle in your car could be dangerous?

Firefighters said the hot weather can set some unexpected things on fire, and put you in danger.

TDOT initiating Operation Splash as summer storms approach

The Tucson Department of Transportation is getting ready for flooded streets due to monsoon storms by initiating the Operation Splash campaign.

Training for ‘weather spotters’ held before monsoon season arrives

Every year thousands of volunteers are trained to become 'weather spotters' and they help the National Weather Service and local meteorologists to create even more accurate weather reports.

Firefighters warn of hot car, heatstroke dangers as temperatures rise

Advocacy groups say the most dangerous mistake a parent or caregiver can make is to think leaving a child alone in a vehicle could never happen to them or their family.

  Nogales wash damaged during Thursday’s heavy rain

Heavy rains and a strong current damaged a concrete barrier in the Nogales wash Thursday. A large portion of the concrete bank protection failed and broke free as the water levels rose in the wash with the continuous rain.

Man dies after car gets stuck in flooded wash in Cochise County

Authorities in Cochise County say a 77-year-old man has died after the car he was driving got stuck in flooded wash.

  State of emergency declared for Mammoth after storm damage

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has declared a state of emergency for Mammoth after monsoon rains damaged roadways and affected the small town's potable water system.

  Monsoon storms means uptick in mosquitoes

An increase in monsoon storms means mosquitoes are becoming more active. Homeowner Vanesa Hartley said she doesn't have any issues with the pests because she takes extra precautions around her home.

Woman rescued from car stuck in wash west of Tucson

According to a spokesman from the Avra Valley Fire District, rescuers found the woman in her 50s standing on the vehicle near West Manville and North Reservation roads.